Kitchen Storage Solutions And Custom Designed Cabinets

Small kitchen storage ideas


Hard to believe we’re already nearly halfway into 2017! Still, here at Connor Cabinetry we haven’t forgotten the trends predicted at the very start of the year. Topping that list, when it comes to kitchen design, are innovative storage solutions – from clever DIY creations, to rustic-style elements, to the numerous built-in options available from cabinet manufacturers, the possibilities are endless.

Addressing storage challenges can be as simple as attaching a shoe box or magazine box to the inside of a cabinet door to store tin foil and cellophane boxes. On the other end of the scale, it can be as fancy as having an entire pantry hidden behind barn doors. Ways to store kitchen items can be as quick and easy as using a few old baskets placed on a shelf or as involved as constructing custom cabinets to exact specifications in order to fit into an unusual or awkward space.

Smart storage with semi-custom cabinets

Spend a few minutes browsing Instagram, Pinterest or Google and you’ll see there are thousands of innovative kitchen storage ideas out there, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. Below are just a handful of the numerous possibilities that we’ve seen, which use semi-custom cabinets to offer fantastically efficient options for storage space:

  • Pullout kitchen pantry cabinetPull-out pantry cabinets, converting an extremely narrow space into storage for herbs, spices and other cooking ingredients.
  • Transom cabinets can be great for additional storage, particularly when placed above the kitchen window.
  • When picking out or designing your semi-custom cabinets, get a bookshelf built in to keep all of your cookbooks.
  • Use an awkward space to build a cabinet for your broom, mop and cleaning supplies.
  • Work spaces that are pulled out only when needed aren’t strictly speaking a storage solution, but can be a great space saver. On top of that, for any slightly shorter folks, having a roll-out baking area can make things like kneading dough considerably more comfortable by positioning the work surface at a more suitable height.

Think outside the box!

There are countless kitchen storage solutions that you can include in your design when you’re picking out your cabinets, from cutlery organizers, wall-filler pullouts, pull-down drawers and wooden pegs that you can use to keep drawer space tidier, to a myriad of drawers with different uses: rubbish bin drawers, knife block drawers, spice drawers and door mounts. What about a bread drawer with a removable caddy which rolls out and can be carried…? A fantastic option for cleaning supplies!

Kitchen corner cabinet storageYour smart storage solution may just be as simple as hanging teacups from hooks or wine glasses from a shelf that you’ve built yourself. Still, considering all the clever things you can do with custom-built or semi-custom cabinets, it’s always worth checking out your options for ways to incorporate storage space from the get-go…no matter how much you might love those old vintage baskets!

Note: To get the most out of your new kitchen and to maximise its storage space and functionality, even with all of these great ideas to inspire you, it’s always a good idea to engage the services of a professional kitchen designer to help make sure you’re making the best possible use out of all the space available to you.