Kitchen Cabinet Design in 2017 – The Top Trends

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Glass kitchen cabinets in grey


Trends don’t comes magically out of thin air, to surprise us all. Unlike attempting to predict the winner of a horse race, when identifying trends in design you already have information and a certain amount of history on which you can base your predictions. When laying out their trends for the forthcoming year, pundits and designers alike consider the popularity of design elements throughout the previous one and look at which trends have risen to the top. More often than not, these most popular trends will continue to prevail over the following year.

We decided to check out the predictions that were being made, at the end of last year, for kitchen design in 2017 – in particular those related to cabinetry. Among all of the various lists, four points in particular were consistent across the board:

  • Popularity of light grey cabinets
  • A focus on functionality, especially storage
  • Contrast in cabinets, especially with two-tone kitchen cabinets
  • Transitional kitchen cabinets as a design trend

Trend #1: Popularity of light grey cabinets continues to catch up with white

White is still the most popular choice of colour for kitchen cabinets. However, grey (especially lighter shades of grey) continues to be increasingly popular and is starting to catch up with white as the colour of choice.

Trend #2: Functionality is king

Looking into 2017 kitchen design trends, functionality is uncontestably one of the most important factors – this applies to everything from general layouts to kitchen appliances, but especially to storage and functional cabinets.

Cabinets can be designed to be extremely functional, offering numerous innovative ways to store kitchen items more efficiently. Let’s face it, nobody’s ever going to complain that their kitchen is too functional!

Trend #3: Dual tone kitchen cabinets to provide contrast

One prediction that popped consistently was around the use of dual tones for contrast: pairing black and white in a kitchen, for example, or using two-tone kitchen cabinets. Look around you now in any new homes that you visit…would you agree?

Light grey kitchen cabinetsTrend #4: Transitional kitchen cabinets becoming increasingly popular

Transitional kitchen cabinets are essentially cabinets which can work in various different design styles. In other words, they’re able to “transition” from traditional styles to more modern designs…or anything in between. By choosing “transitional” kitchen cabinets, homeowners and designers are showing they want to keep their decor options open.

An elaborate cabinet may only be suitable for an ornate kitchen, while a cabinet with a slick, modern design may only suit a more modern kitchen. Transitional designs, on the other hand, can work in almost any setting.

That’s about it for our run-down of the 4 biggest kitchen cabinet design trends for this year! What are your thoughts? What sort of thing gets you excited when you’re thinking about your dream kitchen? Any predictions for 2018 yet? Drop us a message below and let us know!