5 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger With Cabinets

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For most people, the bathroom is somewhere you want to be able to relax and feel comfortable in. Part of that involves having plenty of space but, in many cases, that is unfortunately not the case…

But never fear! Making your bathroom bigger doesn’t necessarily mean having to resort to knocking down walls – one very common and functional approach is simply the intelligent use of cabinets and storage.

This article provides a few hints and tips to help you not only make better use of the space in your bathroom but to also make it appear larger than it really is.

Keep the cabinet doors monochromatic, using the lightest possible shade

Pick cabinets, of a single colour, that blend in with the theme and feel of your bathroom and use the lightest shade possible. Light colours, such as white, reflect sunlight and all all other forms of natural and artificial light. As a result, when light touches a lightly coloured surface, it bounces off, making the room appear brighter and therefore more spacious.

So, for example, by using white tiles and painting your ceiling and walls white, it is possible to give your bathroom the impression of being bigger than it really is.


White bathroom


If using wooden cabinets, by using lighter woods rather than darkly coloured ones, more light will reflect from the surface of your cabinets and make the room appear less cramped.

Where possible, use the same tone and colour

Maybe you find the colour white too clinical, or maybe you’re just not a big fan. If that’s the case, no problem – you can use any colour you like, but just bear in mind that the lighter the colour, the stronger the illusion of spaciousness you will create. Aim to keep the decor in just one single shade.

Experts say that using a single uniform color throughout will help make any unusual or unsightly shapes or angles stand out less, allowing the overall space to visually expand by appearing to reduce the number of intersecting transitions and planes.Luxury-White-Kitchen-Furnishing-Sets-With-White-Hardwood

That said, however, dark shades will always make your bathroom look smaller – even when monochromatic. So, if you’re looking to make your bathroom appear more roomy, you’ll want to stick to lighter shades as much as possible. Luxury-White-Kitchen-Furnishing-Sets-With-White-HardwoodLuxury-White-Kitchen-Furnishing-Sets-With-White-HardwoodLuxury-White-Kitchen-Furnishing-Sets-With-White-Hardwood

Position your cabinets strategically

Consider all the places in your bathroom that you don’t normally stand in — above the doorway, for example, the space is usually vacant. Especially if you have a higher than average ceiling,this extra vertical space can be used for decorative storage shelves where you can keep things like bath salts, scrubs, soaps and lotions etc. You could even use this shelf to store extra toilet roll and cleaners, freeing up valuable storage space under your sink.

Make the most of any vertical space

Think about getting your cabinets built to extend right up to the ceiling. Also, adding a splash of colour a bit higher up will make the eye look up, thereby increasing the overall impression of spaciousness of the room. By making use of these vertical spaces, you are also freeing up valuable floor space and making the whole room less cramped.

Consider using open storage cabinets

With open storage shelves, the eyes see what lies inside, tricking the mind into thinking that they are not occupying as much space as a closed cabinet would. They can also be used as display racks, allowing you to store necessities in a decorative, aesthetically pleasing way. However, be mindful of clutter when using open storage and don’t put too much on the shelves.